my poems

There was a young girl from Nome,

Who lived in real snow dome,

One day when it thawed,

She thought it was God,

And died right there in her home





Lightly you stepped into my life,

Only you could heal me,

Vital and strong beside me,

Even your weakness is strengthening.








Sleek, metal

Clicking, taking, capturing

Happy, eager, and exciting

Perfect machine



Flower bright and light,

Full of pink petals and leaves,

You are beautiful.

book report

in the book a man name dave it has it ups in the story and the downs in the story and it can be emotional at times and it can be hard to read at times.

Following A CHILD CALLED “IT” and THE LOST BOY, Dave Pelzer’s
latest book in the trilogy, A MAN NAMED DAVE, is his journey from
youth to manhood. A powerful testimony to the resilience of the
human spirit, A MAN NAMED DAVE details some of Dave’s early
childhood experiences as the son of a brutal, alcoholic mother. He
knows his mother under many guises: the preferred Mommy but, more
often, The Mother. He is known as “the boy” or “it” rather than by
his name. She tortures him until lies told to school personnel no
longer are believable — he is rescued and placed into foster care
at the age of 12.
The background childhood experiences reveal Dave’s character traits
as an adolescent and young man. The kind couple Dave treats as
parents give him ample space to study these lessons from his past
and to learn from them. It is when his father is dying of cancer
that Dave attempts to reestablish contact with the man.
The son’s lifelong wish is to become a firefighter in the steps of
his father. To accomplish that dream, Dave joins the Air Force,
where he overcomes obstacles that would stop an ordinary man. But
his determination pulls him past these obstacles in his quest for
recognition. He becomes an in-flight fueling technician for the Air
Force, a highly regarded job and, in the course of his career, he
meets his first love. A rush into marriage proves disastrous, but
his son, Stephen, is the result of that union. Dave’s inability to
trust another person is a partial reason for the failure of his
marriage — until he can finally come to terms with the facts of
his childhood, he cannot give total trust to any
Dave spends countless hours with his dying father, trying to
untangle in his mind the web of broken family relationships. He
attempts to sort out the whys of his mother’s sad existence by
deepening his ties to his father, but those answers do not unfold
during this time. Much later, after his mother’s death, Dave
realizes that his mother’s demonic tendencies were gleaned from her
own childhood experiences. He is determined that his child will
never know the exclusion he felt as the child called “it.”
Dave has given much of his life’s energy to abused and neglected
children. As a lecturer and speaker, he talks and writes in order
to give future generations an ability to trust that he did not
have. The book is reality at its ugliest level, but it is also a
story of hope and redemption and eventual love and

By Breaedyn.


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  1. I wrote 11 posts
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  4. The diamond back rattle  snake
  5. The diamond back rattle  snake because it was so goood
  6. no because mine is goood
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  8. 5 because i did not want to put the hole class on it

“And Then it Happened”

The Raging Farmer ™®

Last weekend Dustyn, Parker, and I were playing air soft and a farmer was baling hay and we were using the bails as barrier’s to hide from the air soft bullets. And one of our bullets hit the farmer and he got so mad. We ran for our lives and told we told his Dad and his Dad said to the farmer that we would not be playing in the field any more. So we played air soft in Parkers back yard till Parker’s sister got shot and we had to stop playing.


Eastern Diamond Back Rattle Snake

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is the largest rattlesnake in the world.   Sorry, Texas, but the eastern has been recorded at a foot longer than the western.   It is, therefore, at least potentially, one of the most dangerous animals in North America.   While averaging 3 to 6 feet, they have been known to hit 8 feet even.    Stories of rattlesnakes, both from here in Florida and in Texas, of much greater length are extremely difficult to substantiate.  Diamondbacks do have a proclivity toward shrinking as they get closer to a tape measure.  Eyewitness accounts and length estimates are often very inaccurate, probably due to the amount of adrenaline involved.
If you should hear a rattlesnake, freeze, then determine exactly where the sound emanates from, then draw a mental line from that point, through your body, turn around and follow that line.  The animal is letting you know that it is there,  frightened or ticked, and if you continue to press the issue, you could well wind up with more than you bargained for.  Left unmolested, the animal will not bite, and will eventually crawl off to a less crowded area.  Continuing to remain in the presence of, or worse yet, trying to harm the snake, makes as much sense as entering a bar that caters to an ethnic group not your own, and making ethnic slurs directed at that group. But the diamond back rattle Snake will kill you and it only takes a few seconds to kill you


Autobiography Graphic Organizer
Grade 7

Paragraph One: Introduction
 Write a quote, question, or attention-grabbing statement about you. Write a brief sentence about the events around your birth, the way you got a nickname, or a funny story. Remember this has to grab someone’s attention—make it sound interesting.

 Introduce yourself with your name, age, and where you live.

I am 12years old almost 13teen
I live in charring cross

 Write a physical description of yourself.
I have dirty blond hair
Hazel eyes
5 feet tall
 Present a transition sentence (i.e. about how your life has been shaped by many people and activities).
My life has been really good but my mom and dad say if you want to have something you get it your self

Paragraph Two: Family Information
 Family Names
Tammy (mom)
Kevin (dad)
Dustyn (brother)
Coltyn (brother)

 Short Descriptions of Family Members
Dad factory worker

Dustyn,Coltyn in School

 How your family is important to you
because we do family things